Google shopping/merchant feed Optimization strategy

Google shopping largely used PLA network in the world. Data feed optimization for merchant centre feed is much more important, when you are entering to this field. We have huge competition in the PLA network ads. But, once you had understand the concept you can able get succeed with your business. In digital marketing once, listen, plan, implement and analysis these are the steps are required. Here i am going to guide you, how to optimize your feed with yourself. You don’t want to be a expert in campaign management, feeds and keyword research. You just want to listen your competitor, what they doing. How they are driving more traffic and how they converting the more number sales from the traffic. Because here everyone get failure to capture from others. We are not ready to make silence for few minutes to absorb something from others. 

How to optimize my google merchant data feed with myself?

First you need to know, how google shopping was performing. Because it’s totally different from google display or search network ads. So first you need to learn that, then only you can able to get some idea about this process. How google shopping performing with your sales?

  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Price
  • Landing page
  • CPC pricing
  • Keyword match

Product name:

Product name should be below 65 character. But my suggestion to be less than 57 character, that’s good for your ranking. Product name must have include with keyword target. Example you are targeting for “Black t-shirt” , “Cotton t-shirt” and “for adult peoples” create product name like this Example black cotton t-shirt for adult people. So here you can able to add all you targeting keyword in single shoot. Because we don’t have any other way to target your keyword with campaign.

Product description:

Product description always to need to have your similar keyword, what you had target in your product name same keyword you need to target with description.


Need to provide competitor pricing.

Landing page:

Landing page optimization, very important for PLA network.

CPC pricing:

Customers always preferred the low cost, so you need to compare with the competitor pricing analysis

Keyword research:

Need to find the less competitive keyword with your required business. Because less competitive will make you high number of conversion rate.


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