Google shopping data feed management for Qarnosa shopify

Here i am going to show you, how i had provided the data feed solution for shopify ecommerce portal ( with google merchant centre.  “Alex” CEO for, he came to me to update their products with google shopping. His target location was united states and he requested automated data feed setup wtih shopify portal. Initially i had make few conversation to understand his business, because without understanding the business it’s useless. is selling few hand made products like hand bags and food items. 

How we analysed to improve the sales.

First alex creating everything as unique product, there is no more branded products. No requirement of brand name in title, description and content area. Here our target keywords are ‘hand made hand bags” “hand made fashion products” “Handmade Leather Signature” and etc. We had done keyword analysis initially, which are keywords are required to improve the alex business. Once done we had submitted that one to alex, and we had requested him to add those keywords in his related products. Because in google shopping campaign we don’t have target keyword, target keyword automatically set with your product title, description and content.

Once these things are done, we had check with alex,  is it possible to optimize your product costing? Because product costing played major role with ecommerce marketing system. Alex also have some idea to optimize the pricing with existing one. We had done only for 25 products costing analysis, alex make few help to done this one perfectly. Because buyer support is much important for the ecommerce marketing.

Once these things are done, we had carry out following process to generate high ROI results with google shopping feeds.

1. analysis your ecommerce portal
2. generating google merchant centre shopping feed and optimization upto 400 products
3. google merchant centre setup and approval
4. Automated feed app setup with shopify shop.
5. Feed setup from shopify to google merchant
6. test feed
7. feed approval
7. adwords campaign setup (including creation and setup)
8. linking campaign to shopping feeds.

Once, these steps are done. We had updated the Qarnosa google shopping product feed with merchant centre. They had reviewed our feed for 48 hours and they had approved it.



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Try this one “google shopping data feed for shopify ecommerce

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