Add GTINs to your product data to prevent disapprovals on May 16, 2016

Add GTINs to your product data to prevent disapprovals on May 16, 2016” you may had seen this message in your google merchant center account. Many people have this same question, after 16th may 2016, whether GTIN codes are must for google shopping feed? If i forgot to update my GTIN codes with my google shopping pla data feed, whether it will get disapproved? Like this people have n number of questions in their mind. Because huge number of peoples ecommerce business depend on the google pla network, if it have any issues or new kind of policy change. there are unable to manage it. In ecommerce industry 90% products not having proper GTIN identifier codes. So, in single time they are unable to purchase that one. It need investment for that too. Let we see how to escape from this issue, and get approval for your data feeds for google merchant center without any kind of GTIN identifier. 

How to get approval for google merchant centre data feed without any kind of GTIN identifier?


I think it’s a big questions for everyone, don’t worry datafeedmine here to help you in this issue. We had handled 100+ data feed projects, which having the similar issue with GTIN. Maximum if you stop passing the brand with your products feed specification will not required any kind of GTIN with you. But, the issue is after this 17th may 2016, each product must need to have the GTIN, then only google will accept your product feed. For this issue our team had prepare a solution from last 2 months, we had check any alternative way to get GTIN code with simply process or passing any dummy value. But, our bad time everything get failure. Finally we had a chance to make a conversation with James rollyad, google shopping feed manual review team head.

We had done following discussion with james related with this GTIN identifier issue with google merchant centre:

Me: Hi, james. How is you?

James: Yeah good Shan, how your business is moving?

Me: Yeah good, Any recent update with google merchant centre?

James: Yes, from february itself google had announced, in future all google shopping data feeds must need to have the GTIN identifier to get approval for your products.

Me: When it will come in act?

James: From may 17th may 2016 it will comes under act.

Me: If i will pass my client data feed without any gtin indentifier, will google disapproved my feed?

James: Yes, 100%. If you forgot to update your product identifier with your data feed. Our team will disapproved your product.

Me: Oh my god. There is no more alternative solution for this one. Because maximum of my clients not having the product identifier. I don’t know how to carry on my business with google merchant center.

James:Don’t worry, google have some limitations and feed specifications to get approval your data feeds with out the GTIN identifier.

Me: Wow, great. It’s good news for each ecommerce marketer. Because they are very confused in last few days.

Thanks for your time james, we will meet in future conversation regarding various elements with google shopping.

Then, why you are waiting here. Just request order with us. We are here to resolve your issues with google merchant centre shopping feed.

Why google forcing for product identifier with data feed?

Core of products are listed with google shopping in each country with various category. The main issue is users unable to provide the feed in right category. Nearly 60% of products are not perfectly matched with it’s exact category. So, those users are unable to get good number of ROI, with their product data feed management.

Last few years, google had facing this same issue. Now over all marketing people have a idea, google shopping not working properly. And also it is not having good ROI. But, exact problem is their side, they not have good knowledge with google pla network ads and it’s properties. That’s why their feed performance had reduced.

For clearing these issues only google is forcing the GTIN product identifier with it’s user’s. But, don’t worry we are here to help you with google merchant centre shopping feed.


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