How to add my products to google shopping results

It’s a biggest question for each ecommerce marketer “how to add my products to google shopping results”. First i don’t , how many of you know about google shopping and how it will works for your ecommerce business growth. Because daily i am getting more number of enquiry related to google shopping feed generation and management. But, they not having good knowledge about this process. Simply they want to list the product with google shopping and build more sales. But, to preform this one. We need to process various steps with your ecommerce portal, google merchant centre and adwords. In this article, we are going to see how to add your products to google shopping results using merchant center with simply process.

How to add my products to google shopping results?

It’s not a simply process to add your product from your ecommerce store to google shopping. For that we need to do following task to list your products to google shopping properly.

  1. Create a data feed by google specification requirement
  2. Test the feed
  3. Optimize the data feed
  4. Update the data feed
  5. Setup shopping shopping campaign with adwords.

Create a data feed by google specification:

Create a data feed for google shopping feed is not a simply task because, we need to carry out following process to generate the data feed for google merchant center.

  1. Export the product data from your e-coommerce store by following ways,
    1. Product feed export – magento, opencart, woo commerce, zen cart, volusion and etc
    2. using application, extension or plugin – magento, shopify and opencart
    3. Using api – Big commerce and custom ecommerce portal
    4. others if you don’t have any option create your product feed with manual process. It required following data, product title, description, sku, price, comparison price(if needed), product url and image url. If your product have any product identifier need to add that one too.
  2. Once product feed was exported with ecommerce successfully, we need to create a data feed for google pla network based on their required specifications.
    1. Map the google category based on your product category
    2. Once you had mapped the category based on the category you need to take down the specification from Products Feed Specification.
    3. need to map your product feed –>>  google specifications —>> required data feed.
    4. Some data you need add it additionally, GTIN status, availability, status, tax and Condition.
    5. You can create a data feed with xml and txt format.

Test the feed:

Once you had created the data feed, it’s not end you need to test that feed and optimize that one.  For the testing you need to choose the feed type and the target country. Once you had uploaded the test feed they will listed the issued with your data feed.


We need to clear that issue get upload the standard feed for google merchant center.

Optimize the data feed:

Once test feed has end, we will get the issue list in that particular product pla data feed. Optimization is the process of clearing the issue and improve the feed quality. Feed quality played the important role with this part.

Update the data feed:

Update the standard data feed for google pla network, once you had cleared all the major and warning issues from the feed file. You can test it once more, it will help you to assure your feed file quality. Once everything is okay, you can upload the data feed file for your website.


Setup shopping shopping campaign with adwords:

Here some one can ask, what is the necessary for linking the adwords account with merchant center account. Google shopping feed will perform only based on the adwords shopping campaign only. It’s also works based on the cpc model, you need to create a shopping campaign and ad group and linked those things to your merchant center.

Once you had done these steps perfectly, your product will listed in the google shopping successfully. You can able to generate n number of sales with your feed with high ROI.  Maximum guys love the google shopping feed because of high number of ROI, spend less build more sales is the absolute slogan for google pla network ads.

Do you need support for creating google merchant centre shopping feed and management support, contact us we will help you.


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