Add Promotional offers with google shopping product feed

Google shopping feed and the merchant center getting too famous for market your product in short time. Not only for marketing, each and every eCommerce store using the google shopping feed to make their sales in short time. Is it really works well? yes, I am a google product feed expert. I had handled more than 100+ customers in the last 3 years. In these 100 people, 30+ people get good success and 50+ people get average one. 20+ people get the failure. Because everyone mindset same like this “within a day everything want to change” example you had started using google merchant center, with a 1st question where is my sales? where is my ROI? No one ready to analysis the issues and fix to go with successful one. once you had to go with step by step, like implement, tracking, research, analysis, and optimization. You can get succeed with good ROI. Okay, here our topic is not going to review the google merchant center or shopping feed. Here I am going to provide tips to improve the conversion rating with shopping feeds. 

How to improve the conversion rate with google pla network?

There are many ways available for optimizing your google shopping campaign conversion, it that here I am going to explain how to implement promotional offers. Example you are interested in purchasing a “Iphone 6s case” you are check with google. They had listed products from vendor A “20 USD” vendor B “22 USD” vendor C “18 USD” vendor D ” 20 USD with 10% off”. Which one will you purchase?  maximum customers choice was ” Vendor D”. But, here both vendor C and D have same cost 18 USD only. But, the single word attracts the customers “10% Offer” offers, discounts and coupon codes, it’s something amazing to attract the customers.


Is it possible to showcase my coupon code, offers with google shopping directly?

Yes, you can able to show your offers with google shopping feed directly. And improve your sales in short time 100% guarantee.  But, it has some limitations. Your offer code or coupon code does not have any restrictions like follows,

“$10 off for Teachers & Students”
“10% off for Seniors and Military”
“$15 off on your birthday”
First time customers
“10% Discount with Like”
“5% off with Visa credit card”
“10% off when you complete a short survey at check-out”

Because google not allow any restriction with the offers. You need to serve the offer to the customer directly.


Whether is it works?

Yes, in my 100+ customers. nearly 40+ peoples interested to do this one. In that 40 shops nearly 38 shops get improved their sales 120% within 20 days.

Whether google approve me to provide offers with google shopping feed?

Trust us, google had n number strict rules in this system. Because you need to follow few proper structure for offers and shopping feed. But, we are here to help you to get approval with that one.

What are the eCommerce cms portal will support to generate the offers for this one?

Magento, open cart, Shopify, woo commerce, zen cart, big commerce, volusion, Prestashop and custom eCommerce portal. maximum everything will support in this one.

How can do this one?

Don’t worry, we are here to you help you in this requirement. you can make an order at “google merchant centre shopping feed

You can check my profile status at:

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