Improve ecommerce product sales with google shopping

How to improve ecommerce product sales with google shopping. We know the in future without ecommerce nothing going to happen. Whatever the technology had updated, we can’t use mobile applications for shopping. You are not only going to buy your required products with amazon or ebay. No n number of ecommerce web portal available for specific kind of products. Example you are looking for hand made chocolates now. Where you can able to buy that in online. (How to get support for google merchant centre shopping feed and check our portfolio with google product feed management data feed management)


So you have various options just with home screen, you can make purchase with anyone of it. Else you can able to purchase google shopping portal, next to all category in serp search result page. Don’t you thing web based market get down soon, no never. Day by day it is getting improved. Okay, let we move to our main topic. How to improve your ecommerce sales with google shopping. We know that integrate with google shopping and same time managing the google shopping feeds is not a simply job. You need to pick a marketing team support to carryout in better way.

How to improve ecommerce product sales:

With various formats and process you can improve your product sales with google shopping. In that we need to concentrate with impression, CTR and conversion, these 3 parameters are very important for any kind of marketing including with google shopping. Okay, we will go with one by one.

  1. Keyword research
  2. Shopping campaign setup
  3. Product title and description optimization
  4. Promotional ad setup

Keyword research:

Keyword research is important for google shopping feeds, compared to the google display network and search network ads google shopping feed only work with product title and description keywords. Which means we can’t add any keyword to the campaign. But, shopping campaign always work with the product title and description.

Shopping campaign setup:

once you had updated the data feed with google merchant center, you need link your adwords shopping campaign with your google merchant center. Shopping campaign, daily budget, cpc and campaign setup will decide product sales. it will maximum and same time minimize the product sales.

Product title and description optimization:

How to optimize your product title and description to improve the product sales, first you need to make a keyword research with setup one, using the keyword you need to format the title and description. Then only your product will visible for maximum number of target keywords.


If your target keywords are “apple 6s case”, “apple 6s case for sliver color”, “apple silver color case” “apple 6s case” just link all your keyword and create a new product title and description with that one.

Promotional setup:

Once you had made maximum number of visible with keywork research your product will visible for maximum keywords. But, how to make more sales? How to achive your conversion?


it’s a most important one, how you are showcase your product with google shopping ads. That only fix your product conversion rate. Without this setup you can’t reach your target sales.

once you had setup everything you can make more ROI with google shopping feeds.


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