Manual vs automated product data feed with google shopping

Manual vs automated product data feed with google shopping, it’s not a easy one to make perfect differentiate. Because it’s both target is achieve more sales with pla network ads. The target also same platform google shopping ads. Let we check how we have a more number of difference with both automatic and manual feeds. okay, before going to see the difference let me explain few important statement about google shopping feed. It’s normally like a ad network like adwords. But, adwords are used to promote your website or product  with search and display network ads. Apart from these display and search network, google have big market for ecommerce sales. Yes, it’s a google shopping for product search network. it’s like a comparison search engine, everyone can list their product. Then you make ask then how can i make a sales with that one? Simply google not take all product details are same, you can simply your product details with keyword target, attractive, images, price offers, coupon codes, ratings and feedback. By these ways you can improve your sales in short time. Are you waiting for your 1st sales with SEO last few months? Don’t waste your time there. Just make more step positive, it will help you to get more market. 

Manual google merchant feeds for pla network ads:

manual-vs-automated-product-data-feed-with-google-shoppingIt’s a general one, what is meant by manual google feeds here? Here you don’t need any automated setup or any other process. you can list your products from ecommerce shop to google shopping just with your inventory data.

  • It’s simply one you want to spend more budget for this setup
  • xml, txt and csv all the formats will support
  • You can also setup a rule with your manual feeds
  • you can clear all your feed issues directly with feed file
  • you don’t want to make a change with your ecommerce data
  • don’t need any ftp setup for this one.

all ecommerce platforms will support for manual feed setup with google shopping from magento, woocommerce to shopify.

Automated google shopping feed setup:

What is meant by automated google shopping feed setup, when the product data automatically moved to the google merchant as data feed without any manual process using ftp or api calls. What are ecommerce platforms will support automated google shopping feed with shopify, magento, bigcommerce, volusion, woocommerce and custom applications.

  1. it will help you bring fresh data to google shopping
  2. Improved feed quality with google merchant center
  3. ROI is more high when compare to manual feeds
  4. No need of monthly management

You can more google shopping feed setup related help with us


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