Facebook product catalog feed creation and management

Facebook product catalog feed creation and management for your ecommerce portal. Now a days facebook enter into all kind of network. Now they had set into display network, product dynamic feeds and re-marketing. Now some people can forgot to open google or bing. But, they won’t forget to open facebook daily. When compared to google and bing merchant center feed facebook dynamic product feed having more ROI and more number of visibility. When i had started with facebook product feed from 2015 i won’t believe that facebook will offer higher conversion rate. But, it happened i had received my 1st conversion rate with facebook catalog feed 12%. Do you believe that? Yes, no one believe that one. But, it’s working you need to believe it. 

Facebook product catalog feed:

Facebook product catalog feed for ecommerce product is very similar with google merchant center, bing and amamon. We need to feed the product data in required structure, specifications and way to list our products with facebook network. That’s enough? No, not enough. We need to link our portal with facebook both add cart and checkout functionalities to track conversion over facebook dynamic product ads.


How to prepare the product catalog feed for facebook:

It’s not a simply task, first you need to analysis your product category and it’s product. Based on that facebook had listed out the required specification, what we need to pass for facebook. Example if you have cloth product, they will include size, color, gender, material etc with their specification. So, here based on that we have to prepare the feed file in csv, txt or xml format.


Facebook supports various method much similar with google. They also supports automatic, google drive and manual feed process. We can implement automatic product catalog feed process with wordpress, shopify and magento. For other platforms not have much solution with facebook dynamic product ads. We can move with manual feed process.


Supported Platforms:

  1. Magento
  2. WordPress (woo commerce)
  3. Shopify
  4. Volusion
  5. Prestashop
  6. Big commerce
  7. Zencart
  8. Opencart
  9. and custom ecommerce platforms


Yes, it’s 100% effective one. You can expect more number of conversion with facebook dynamic product ads. You can beat your google and bing network ads by this form. Still looking for your 1st sales with organic sales. Say bye bye to organic sales, ecommerce always work better with paid marketing. We need to plan to make better ROI.

My Expertise over facebook product feed:

I have more than 2 years expertise with facebook product feed generation, optimisation and management. I will build high quality feed for your ecommerce products to make more visibility and conversion. Following process i will handle with your facebook product feed management.

  1. Product category analysis
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Longtail and short term keyword identification
  4. Prepare automation feed or manual feed
  5. Prepare feed specification based on the product category
  6. Prepare Input fields and mapping
  7. Prepare feed
  8. Feed testing
  9. Check wit results
  10. Fix issues and warning
  11. Update standard feed
  12. Setup conversion tracking(only with automation)
  13. campaign setup
  14. Tracking
  15. report

I will work with both one time process costing or monthly recurring based.


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