Facebook product catalog feed creation and management

Facebook product catalog feed creation and management for your ecommerce portal. Now a days facebook enter into all kind of network. Now they had set into display network, product dynamic feeds and re-marketing. Now some people can forgot to open google or bing. But, they won’t forget to open facebook daily. When compared to google and bing merchant center feed facebook dynamic product feed having more ROI and more number of visibility. When i had started with facebook product feed from 2015 i won’t believe that facebook will offer higher conversion rate. But, it happened i had received my 1st conversion rate with facebook catalog feed 12%. Do you believe that? Yes, no one believe that one. But, it’s working you need to believe it.  Continue reading


Manual vs automated product data feed with google shopping

Manual vs automated product data feed with google shopping, it’s not a easy one to make perfect differentiate. Because it’s both target is achieve more sales with pla network ads. The target also same platform google shopping ads. Let we check how we have a more number of difference with both automatic and manual feeds. okay, before going to see the difference let me explain few important statement about google shopping feed. It’s normally like a ad network like adwords. But, adwords are used to promote your website or product  with search and display network ads. Apart from these display and search network, google have big market for ecommerce sales. Yes, it’s a google shopping for product search network. it’s like a comparison search engine, everyone can list their product. Then you make ask then how can i make a sales with that one? Simply google not take all product details are same, you can simply your product details with keyword target, attractive, images, price offers, coupon codes, ratings and feedback. By these ways you can improve your sales in short time. Are you waiting for your 1st sales with SEO last few months? Don’t waste your time there. Just make more step positive, it will help you to get more market.  Continue reading

Improve ecommerce product sales with google shopping

How to improve ecommerce product sales with google shopping. We know the in future without ecommerce nothing going to happen. Whatever the technology had updated, we can’t use mobile applications for shopping. You are not only going to buy your required products with amazon or ebay. No n number of ecommerce web portal available for specific kind of products. Example you are looking for hand made chocolates now. Where you can able to buy that in online. (How to get support for google merchant centre shopping feed and check our portfolio with google product feed management data feed management)


So you have various options just with home screen, you can make purchase with anyone of it. Else you can able to purchase google shopping portal, next to all category in serp search result page. Don’t you thing web based market get down soon, no never. Day by day it is getting improved. Okay, let we move to our main topic. How to improve your ecommerce sales with google shopping. We know that integrate with google shopping and same time managing the google shopping feeds is not a simply job. You need to pick a marketing team support to carryout in better way. Continue reading

Add Promotional offers with google shopping product feed

Google shopping feed and the merchant center getting too famous for market your product in short time. Not only for marketing, each and every eCommerce store using the google shopping feed to make their sales in short time. Is it really works well? yes, I am a google product feed expert. I had handled more than 100+ customers in the last 3 years. In these 100 people, 30+ people get good success and 50+ people get average one. 20+ people get the failure. Because everyone mindset same like this “within a day everything want to change” example you had started using google merchant center, with a 1st question where is my sales? where is my ROI? No one ready to analysis the issues and fix to go with successful one. once you had to go with step by step, like implement, tracking, research, analysis, and optimization. You can get succeed with good ROI. Okay, here our topic is not going to review the google merchant center or shopping feed. Here I am going to provide tips to improve the conversion rating with shopping feeds.  Continue reading

How to add my products to google shopping results

It’s a biggest question for each ecommerce marketer “how to add my products to google shopping results”. First i don’t , how many of you know about google shopping and how it will works for your ecommerce business growth. Because daily i am getting more number of enquiry related to google shopping feed generation and management. But, they not having good knowledge about this process. Simply they want to list the product with google shopping and build more sales. But, to preform this one. We need to process various steps with your ecommerce portal, google merchant centre and adwords. In this article, we are going to see how to add your products to google shopping results using merchant center with simply process. Continue reading

Add GTINs to your product data to prevent disapprovals on May 16, 2016

Add GTINs to your product data to prevent disapprovals on May 16, 2016” you may had seen this message in your google merchant center account. Many people have this same question, after 16th may 2016, whether GTIN codes are must for google shopping feed? If i forgot to update my GTIN codes with my google shopping pla data feed, whether it will get disapproved? Like this people have n number of questions in their mind. Because huge number of peoples ecommerce business depend on the google pla network, if it have any issues or new kind of policy change. there are unable to manage it. In ecommerce industry 90% products not having proper GTIN identifier codes. So, in single time they are unable to purchase that one. It need investment for that too. Let we see how to escape from this issue, and get approval for your data feeds for google merchant center without any kind of GTIN identifier.  Continue reading

Google shopping data feed management for Qarnosa shopify

Here i am going to show you, how i had provided the data feed solution for shopify ecommerce portal (Qarnosa.com) with google merchant centre.  “Alex” CEO for Qarnosa.com, he came to me to update their products with google shopping. His target location was united states and he requested automated data feed setup wtih shopify portal. Initially i had make few conversation to understand his business, because without understanding the business it’s useless. Qarnosa.com is selling few hand made products like hand bags and food items.  Continue reading

Google shopping/merchant feed Optimization strategy

Google shopping largely used PLA network in the world. Data feed optimization for merchant centre feed is much more important, when you are entering to this field. We have huge competition in the PLA network ads. But, once you had understand the concept you can able get succeed with your business. In digital marketing once, listen, plan, implement and analysis these are the steps are required. Here i am going to guide you, how to optimize your feed with yourself. You don’t want to be a expert in campaign management, feeds and keyword research. You just want to listen your competitor, what they doing. How they are driving more traffic and how they converting the more number sales from the traffic. Because here everyone get failure to capture from others. We are not ready to make silence for few minutes to absorb something from others.  Continue reading

How best bing shopping feeds improve your product sale?

We know that next to google, bing is the top most search engine in the internet world. So here I am to list few points how bing shopping feed and list product listing ads help you to improve your sales. Getting more number of sales with your ecommerce portal, too difficult in this period. Because this industry having more competitive. We can’t expect number of sales with organic sales itself. So alternatively we need to find a paid market with high ROI. Everyone are ready to spend in paid market. But, who will show you the right way to make more profit. Because now some people spend 100usd to sell of a 1000usd product is it profitable? No way. So here i am going to show you the right way. Continue reading

Product datafeed management for magento ecommerce portal

datafeed-for-magento-ecommerce-portalProduct datafeed for magento ecommerce portal, ultimate marketing solution. Magento big Php framework solution. In ecommerce industry maximum number of web portal developed with magento. Because it’s support from simple online shopping cart to advanced one. So to handle your datafeed management for magento having multiple solution with extension. You can install magento datafeed management extension and create your product data feed in xml format. Datafeedmine team expertise with handle datafeed management for magento ecommerce portal for google merchant centre shopping feed, bing shopping feed, Saleashare, amazon product feed, ebay product feed, more comparison shopping sites and affiliate shopping feeds. Continue reading